Crane Crash Avoidance

WADECO Crane Crash Avoidance Systems

WADECO offers two types of systems for the prevention of collisions between overhead cranes operating on the same set of rails. Both systems offer excellent reliability and function. The system you choose will depend on your facility, your functional requirements and of course, your budget.


The WADECO MicroRobo-2 is our simplest and least expensive crane crash avoidance system. The system offers one adjustable proximity alarm using a triangulation method of measurement. The system is simple to install and operate

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The WADECO MicroRobo-3 is our top-of-the-line system for the most demanding applications or for customers who require more functionality. The MicroRobo-3 is a true distance measurement system that offers the customer three very useful system outputs. First, the system provides an analog “distance between cranes” output. In addition there are two, user adjustable digital outputs. One to notify the operator when to slow down the crane and the other to notify the operator when to stop the crane.

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