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The WADECO Micro-Gunn and Micro-Reflex Hot Metal Edge Detectors are state-of-the-art microwave instruments that can be used in a wide variety of position detection applications. The “hot metal’ in the name is a bit of a misnomer in that these units can be used in any application where the object to be detected will ether interrupt or reflect the microwave beam. The “hot metal” terminology is used because this devices are designed to operate in harsh conditions where heat, cold, steam, flames or dust is present. These units can operate in many applications where lasers, ultrasonic or other microwave systems cannot.such as municipal, industrial and nuclear waste disposal facilities, fusion furnaces and reactors.

General Information:

MWS-ST/SR-2WG Micro-Gunn is the next generation in Hot Metal Detectors: developed as a replacement for infrared hot metal detectors (HMD), laser/optical barriers and gamma ray sensors for product tracking in steel mills. Microwaves are unaffected by dense vapor, dust and high temperatures. Insensitive to harsh environments and unaffected by product temperature variation, the MWS-ST/SR-2WG Micro-Gunn is the ultimate in slab, strip & coil tracking in hot or cold rolling mills. The sensor consists of a pair of transmitting and receiving antennas, connected to separate controllers by circular waveguide tubing. Any combination of straight and bent waveguides may be used to remove the sensitive electronics from the high temperature areas. The antennas, which are unaffected by heat, are installed in the high temperature zone (up to 600°C or 1,100°F), while the controllers are located in normal room temperature areas (up to 55°C or 130°F). The detection signal outputs when the product to be detected (slab, billet, bloom, strip, coil etc) interrupts the microwave beam between the two antennas. Contact MPE-US if you would like to arrange no obligation trial of the unit.



– Microwaves are unaffected by temperature, flames, heavy vapor/smoke, airborne particles or dirt buildup on the antenna head.

– Designed for industrial use.


– Unlike infrared scanning Hot Metal Detectors, microwaves are insensitive to product temperature variation.


– The antennas can be installed in the high temperature area without the need for water/air cooling as they contain no sensitive electronics.

– The controllers are protected from high temperatures by installing them some distance from the antennas in a room temperature area.


– Waveguides are customized to suit on-site conditions.


– Sensitivity setting is further simplified by the 15 LED indicator bank, allowing for visual adjustment.

Micro-Gunn and Micro-Reflex:
Typical Micro-Gunn Installation
Typical Micro-Gunn Installation

WADECO Micro-Gunn:

The Micro-Gunn is based on the WADECO Company’s patented microwave technology. The Micro-Gunn is an edge detection system that consists of a separate transmitter and receiver unit. The units are connected to their respective antennas via a waveguide. The almost infinite possible number of waveguide configurations allows the versatile Micro-Gunn to be adapted to virtually any customer application. Transmitter and receiver are placed on opposite sides of the intended target. When the target passes between the units, the microwave beam is interrupted.

WADECO Micro Reflex:

The WADECO Micro-Reflex utilizes the same basic electronics as the Micro-Gunn but in a different configuration. Whereas the Micro-Gunn requires that the microwave beam must be interrupted to detect the object, the Micro-Reflex detects a reflected signal off of the intended target. This makes the Micro-Reflex the perfect choice in applications when it is difficult or impossible to locate equipment on both sides of the object to be detected.

System Configurations:

Both the WADECO Micro-Gunn and Micro-Reflex systems are infinitely configurable. We offer a large selection of waveguides, housings and antennas to suit virtually every application.

Micro-Gunn and Micro-Reflex Configurations:

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