Ladle Slag Detection

The EMLI Ladle Slag Detection System

EMLI System Description:

The EMLI™ (Electro Magnetic Level Indication) system utilizes state-of-the-art technology in the measurement and detection of liquid metal levels. The basic EMLI system architecture consists of a MANAGEMENT UNIT, a CONTROL UNIT and a PREAMPLIFIER UNIT. In multiple system applications, one MANAGEMENT UNIT can monitor up to eight (8) CONTROL UNITS.

The MANAGEMENT UNIT is used to monitor the system, log data, and for set-up and troubleshooting. If enabled the system can be remotely evaluated through the MANAGEMENT UNIT via an Internet connection.

The CONTROL UNIT is the heart of the system. It generates the transmitter signal and receives and evaluates the measurement signal.

The PREAMPLIFIER UNIT increases the level of the measurement signal before it is fed to the CONTROL UNIT

EMLI-SIL Ladle Slag Detection System:

The EMLI III Ladle slag detection system uses state-of-the-art electronics and custom designed sensors to detect the presence of slag in the well block area of the ladle.

The proprietary sensor design and sensor placement allows the EMLI system to generate a reliable and accurate slag alarm far in advance of the slag detection of a human operator.

This allows the user to maximize yield while greatly minimizing slag carryover.

The EMLI Ladle slag detection system utilizes two sensor coils, placed on opposite sides of the well block in the bottom of the ladle. One coil is used as a transmitter and the other is used as a receiver.

The transmitter is excited with a controlled AC current. This current causes the formation of an electromagnetic field that is detected by the receiver.

When the well block is empty, maximum signal transfer occurs and the receiver detects a strong signal.As tapping begins and the well block is totally filled with steel, maximum signal shielding occurs and the receiver detects the minimum signal.

Near the end of the tapping, slag begins to become entrained in the stream and appears in the well block. Since slag does not shield electromagnetic signals, the signal in the receiver begins to increase toward maximum. The received signal is directly proportional to the amount of slag in the well block.

When the received signal reaches a certain predetermined set-point level, a slag alarm is activated

System Benefits:

The EMLI Ladle Slag Detection System accurately and reliably detects the onset of slag during the draining of a continuous caster ladle. The system offers the following benefits to the modern steelmaker:

  • The unique design and placement of the EMLI sensor coils allows the system to detect the presence of slag at the earliest possible moment. This a major advantage competing technologies..
  • The slag alarm can be adjusted based on the type of steel being produced.
  • Sensor coils are located and installed in such a manner that they are accessible from the outside of the ladle without disturbing the ladle refractory.
  • The optional RECO identification and tracking of each ladle when it is connected to the system.

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