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WADECO Single Point Level and Position Detection Systems

WADECO offers a line of single point level detectors for less demanding applications. But don’t think that means that these units can’t do the job. They are handy, inexpensive devices that can handle a myriad of level detection and positioning applications. The instruments are ruggedly constructed. Their patented technology means they are unaffected by heavy dust, airborne particles, smoke, vapor, flames, rain and snow.

They require no contact with the target and therefore there is virtually no wear and tear and zero maintenance. And the units have no moving parts.


Some of the more common applications for this sensor include:

– Refuse in waste disposal/garbage bins.

– Minerals/ore/granules/grain in dry bulk hoppers

– Liquid storage tanks,

– Ash/slag levels in incinerators,

– Hot product bunkers,

– Vehicle position detection,

– Plugged chute detection,

– Material flow control in feeder chutes.


– 100m Range with heterodyne detection.

– Approximately 100m range with a Ø27mm antenna, thanks to the Heterodyne detection method.

– High penetration.

– Easily penetrates process buildup on antenna, firebrick, refractory etc., thanks to the increased operating range.

– Unaffected by adverse environments.

– The sensor is unaffected by surface contaminants, flames, steam, vapor or airborne particles.

– Simple beam alignment.

– Easy initial beam alignment at installation, thanks to the wide beam angle.

– Selectable detection mode.

– Either broken beam (BLOCK) or unbroken beam (UNBLOCK) detection method may be selected.

– On delay time rheostat.

– On delay time, adjustable 0.1~10secs., prevents instantaneous detection of falling material whist filling.

The Standard Model (MWS-ST-SR-11):

In the pursuit of excellence, WADECO’s latest Microwave Level Switch, model number MWS-ST/SR-11, has an operating range of up to 100m. It incorporates two decades of experience and refined microwave engineering techniques. The result is a high quality, reliable sensor for non-contact single point level detection.

The MWS-ST/SR type Single Point Level Switch consists of a transmitter (MWS-ST) and a receiver (MWS-SR), installed face to face. The transmitter emits a microwave beam which is received by the receiver: an output relay is released when the beam is obstructed.

This microwave switch is best suited for level sensing in harsh environments and such locations where the sensing surfaces are likely to become dirty or covered with ash, dust or other material buildup. The ability of microwaves to penetrate such substances on the sensing surfaces makes this type of sensor of the best choice for single point level detection.

Highly reliable and zero maintenance, this sensor is an ideal replacement for contact type sensors such as paddle and float switches, capacitance sensors and tuning forks.


– 100m Range with a 27mm antenna

– Selectable detection mode

– On delay time

– Simple beam alignment

– Unaffected adverse environments

– Light weight and compact

Download MWS-ST/SR-11 Brochure

The Deluxe Model (MWS-ST-SR-2):

The MWS-ST/SR-2 is the ‘Deluxe’ version of the MWS-ST/SR-11 type level switch. Loaded with extra features such as a 15 LED indicator array on the receiver (shown above) for simple, one-touch, visual sensitivity adjustment, this sensor is without doubt the best of its kind ever developed.

The MWS-ST/SR-2 type microwave sensor is a level switch consisting of a transmitter (MWS-ST-2) and a receiver (MWS-SR-2) installed face-to-face. The transmitter emits a continuous, low power microwave beam towards the receiver and an output relay is released when the beam is obstructed. The sensor has wide application across all areas of industry where highly reliable, non-contact level detection is required.

The sensor is generally used for process control by monitoring presence/absence of product, flow/no flow conditions and point level detection in bins and silos. The sensor may also be used as a proximity switch for detection of vehicles such as dump trucks and rail cars.

This unit has all the features of the standard model plus:

– 15 LED Received Power Indicator

– Four operating channels

– Optional analog output

– Optional window in cover

– Optional high speed static relay

Download MWS-ST/SR-2 Brochure

EK-Type High Temperature Extension Kit​
High Temperature Tank Measurement Example

The EK type extension kit series are designed to extend the usability of the MWS-ST/SR-11 and MWS-ST/SR-2 sensors by enabling them to operate in high temperature locations and to measure hot temperature targets. These kits come in many options depending on the requirements of the particular application. When ordering your units you need only specify the operational parameters and will we recommend a suitable configuration.

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